Believe it or not,  I am the worst Christmas decorator ever! Yes, I pretend to be an interior stylist and don’t get me wrong:  I love the cozy vibe, I’m a s*cker for all Xmas songs so Mariah Carey is always welcomed with open arms and  I know the lyrics to ‘Last Christmas’. I love spending these days with the family and appreciate some good food that goes with the festive season.

But when it comes to Christmas styling I feel very far off and feel a bit left out seeing others doing the decorating as they do it soooo much better. My Instagram feed is filled with the most gorgeous trees, wreaths, dinner table settings and happy snuggly families.

The Dubai Summer vibe and the fact that I am just not a traditional Christmas girl don’t make things easier. So I have just let it go. I will leave the beautiful, inspiring, heart warming posts and photos to the pro’s and just enjoy my tree. The first real Xmas tree in 5 years. A small step for stylists yet a giant leap for this a-traditional Xmas family.

Christmas Tree The Dubai Garden Center | Chandle Holders Glass Jysk | Formakami White Pendants And Tradition | Light Creation Ekaterina



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