We admire so many creative entrepreneurs. Therefore we love to invite them as a Guest on the Blog and are always very honored if they make the time for it. We ask them questions about their business, their inspiration and their home. Not only to inspire you, also to give you an insight in what’s behind that endless scroll of beautifully curated photos on their account: a lot of hard work.
An account that is always on the list to check when we are in need of inspiration ourselves is @woodchuck. We have been fans since they started three years ago. And now that I am in the furniture business myself, I can admire their craftsmanship even more.
Woodchuck combines design with functionality. Their aesthetic is clean, minimal yet warm. Not only do we love their beautiful furniture, the photography of their home and installations is just magical.

Starting the business

Tinta lives with her husband Rutger and their daugher Diewertje in Monster. This small town on the coast of The Netherlands, just under The Hague, is where they have their beautiful home that we know so well from their feed.
From an early age Tinta loves to create and Rutger loves woodwork.
“In the train on their way to Paris we came up with our first product, the AKI. We invested all of our savings in making this product and in 2017 started the company Woodchuck and it’s webshop.”
The company soon grew to be a what it is today: A furniture and interior design studio. Tinta and Rutger now remodel entire homes with their stunning designs.
“Working together just happened. Everybody warned us not to do it. But in our case it actually worked out for the better as we both do what we love and get to spend more time together.”
The Woodchuck days are filled with running the webshop, designing interiors and furniture and spending time together as a family.


“Daily life inspires me the most. There is so much material out there to be inspired by that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore it is important to have a focus” says Tinta. Traveling and reading are at the top of the list though. They share a special love for Japan which can be connected to the names of the furniture they create.

Styling your home

When we ask Tinta’s advice on styling your home she says: “Stay close to yourself and don’t follow too many trends. Don’t copy others, as keep in mind that your home should feel like your own, not somebody else’s.” 
In her home we find lots of wood and natural materials. Her favorite piece of furniture is the dining table, because so much happens at this table. It’s always full with crafting materials. Also her Pastoe chair is very special. And last but not least, their lovely bed.

Tinta’s favorite go-to’s

The Fine Store, Pantoufle Design, Een Stilleven for design.
There are a lot of small businesses Tinta finds inspiring that she connects with through Instagram.
“I love to go to PLSTK café, which is located in the dunes in Hoek van Holland. It’s the best place to unwind and enjoy a great cup of coffee!”

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