We are softies

When it comes to the soft styling of the room, the finishing touch of an installation, we often take it very literally. We are softies when it comes to softies, especially since there are so many beautifully made accessories out there that just can’t wait to be used.

Some of our current favorites are these super original and imaginative items.

1. Grey penguin from Grampa | 2. Oker giraffe from Grampa | 3. Starry cushion from Noe & Zoe | 4. Cloud cushion – new collection – from Noe & Zoe | 5. Velt hand made Swan from Sew Heart Felt | 6. Soft mouse doll from Lucky Boy Sunday | 7. Fred doll from Camomile of London | 8. Broccoli cushion from Oeuf NYC | 9. Cloud mobile from The Butter Flying |


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