This year turned out to be quite an exceptional one. One we will remember. It will be either filed in the back of your darkest cupboard or on your bed side table. It might have devastated you at times and/or have brought you new opportunities. In what ever category you find yourself, I think we can all agree that it has been a year to re-evaluate, rethink and reset. And with a new year on the horizon, I think we are all ready to restart!

We have spent so much time at home that we all have a new appreciation of it. It has lead to making lots of changes in the house. Changes that either had been on the to do list for a long time or that have just improved our living situation.
Many intimate dinners have taken place at the kitchen table. With the four of us, with friends and – luckily – also with family. We have spent so much time with each other that we are actually getting along better than ever before. Who would have thought. It makes you re-evaluate why we always have the tendency to fly out and find distractions.

Exercise has always been an important element in my week. Yet due to the lockdown, the Dubai temperatures and a few trending intolerances, I had lost my mojo a bit. So it was time to rethink my work out and food scheme. Joining the Best10 program was definitely a challenge. But I never would have thought that I could be this toned and healthy at 40+. Eating meals that nourish my body and doing exercise which pushes up my heart rate is now my new normal.

This reset has allowed us to change the way we are thinking about our businesses – Live Loud Girl and @fronteriors – which are luckily both still afloat. Maybe because we were lucky, also because we have worked bloody hard this year. Because although we are passionate about our business, it is not only passion that drives it. It is the combination of being good at it, putting in 25 hours in a day and never giving up.

What we all hope is that we will look back on this year and just think how this massive hick up (to put it mildly) has allowed us to become better versions of ourselves. Wether it is your business situation, your relationship, your work/life balance, your exercise routine…. there is always room for improvement.
2020 might just become a synonym for having no more excuses and making things happen! So let’s all reset and start the new year with some serious munition.


Now what is a shelfie?
A shelfie is a widely hashtagged social media pic of a shelf that you put some time and effort into. So no need for duck faces or wrinkle filters, it is only your shelf and its content that needs to look good.
For interior stylists like us it is a nice way to display a combination of some of our own treasures and new favorites while demonstrating our styling skills.

Since we always get so many comments on the shelfies we install (either in projects or at home) we wanted to take the time to show you how we roll when creating a shelfie. Now nothing is written in stone and you can shuffle around as much as you like, there are just a few pointers that we want to share.

We always love to start with a blank canvas, in this case: an empty shelf.
We are starting off with some beautiful acrylic shelves from By Something Els

Our first item is always the books. Use some (esthetically correct) favorites of the kids, different sizes, colors or maybe just go for that beautiful cover.
Second thing to add is a cute postcard or small print.
For accessorising we love wooden toys like Pinch Toys or the Animal Kingdom from Sarah & Bendrix. They just add that touch of vintage and warmth that we think can not be left out.
To funk things up we like to use some signage. Words on banners, flags, signs… they can all work well depending on the vibe you want to create.

Don’t think you are done just yet as we like to do what is called: styling off the shelf. The space between, above and under the shelves to us is just as important.
So we start off with hanging something in between. A garland is always a good idea as it adds color, texture and a different shape.
You can also hang something to the side or above the shelves like we did with the mini tiger rug before in the playroom. And definitely do not forget the space under the shelves. As storage addicts we love to extend our shelfie to the top part of a storage basket or box so that we use the whole part of the wall.
Styling off the shelf also allows you to pull things out of balance. Balance in your life is good but your shelf can very well do without it.

There you have it. We hope we inspire you with the short videos of how we handle a shelfie for a girls and a boys room and a more neutral one. Give it a go, have some fun. And remember, if you are not happy with it, just start again from scratch.

Shelfie 1- Neutral

Cars Pinch toys | Moon Zoe Rumeau | Hoop Aro For Kids | Mushroom Severina Kids | Print My deer | Flamingo Fiona Walker | Print Peek & Pack | Garland Severina Kids |  Acrylic Shelves By Something Els

Shelfie 2- Girls

Wooden animals Sarah Hendrix | Moon Zoe RumeauHoop Aro For KidsMushroom Severina KidsFlamingo Fiona WalkerPrint Peek & Pack | Garland Velveteen Babies |  Rhino Severina KidsAcrylic Shelves By Something Els

Shelfie 3 – Boys

Cars Pinch toys | Moon Zoe Rumeau | Hoop Aro For Kids | Mushroom Severina Kids |  Flag Bobo Choses  | Lucky Boy Sunday dollAcrylic Shelves By Something Els


The Dubai Design week 2017 were kicked off yesterday with the opportunity for bloggers to visit the trade fair before the crowds come in. Why? Well, we just love to get a good shot of some beautiful design without someone behind it that we otherwise would need to shop away. Anything for a perfect pic right?

This early bird special does get us in the mood for this week because this is the most inspirational time for design lovers like us in Dubai. Design, in any shape or form, is an essential part of our life. It is something genuine and interesting, and we love learning about it and being surprised by it’s functionality or creativity.

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@hel_bow is one of those  inspiring Instagram accounts that we came across lately and just have to keep looking at. Helens photo’s are so clean, simply gorgeous. She is a great photographer who shares her daily dose of life and motherhood in a beautiful feed.
When we approached her to be a Summer Guest on the Blog, she mentioned that she was redoing her daughters bedroom which she will share with us today. We think she has a great talent for styling…
Helen shares her favorite products and best shops with us so we hope this post will inspire you to get up and take on that project after your summer holiday!

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