Summer breaks are great for gathering inspiration for your home. And what better way to do so with having a peek into a house of someone you find inspiring like @tellkiddo

We have been following Maria for a long time and besides admiring how she built her family business (we use her products all the time), we love the styling or her house and kids rooms.

Maria lives with husband Jossi, Sam (4), Micha (2,5) and cat MrD on the small island Gotland. They moved here two years ago to be closer to the nature and live a slower life now that the kids are still young. From home they run the family business Tellkiddo. We asked her about her favorite colors and materials to work with and where she gets her inspiration from.

“All-natural materials like paper, clay, hemp and so on are my favorites to work with. I studied packaging design and will always have a weak spot for earthy colored papers. The best color combinations come from the pebbled beach close to where we live. Terracotta, ocean blue, different shades of beige, light wood and dusty pink.”

“When it comes to interior styling, I believe that unique pieces make a home. Interiors don’t need to be expensive, just special. I love to collect works from small independent designers. Many of my friends are designers so they all have a small space in our home. This works great with some flea market finds and classic design pieces.”

“Ever since we started Tellkiddo our focus has been to style and find the best furniture for the kids rooms. I feel that all furniture looks a little better in miniature size. Take our two alvar Aalto chairs for example. They go so well with our handmade box beds. And the new chairs from Ecobirdy. But on my wish list I always have lamps, you can never have too many lamps.”

“At the moment I get inspired by ”real homes” like our friend’s houses or from the site  Hemnet. Instagram is fantastic but it’s pretty nice to go out of the Instagram bubble some time. But if I have to pick a few (as I have many) I love Pax and hart‘s home, a lot of wood which I’m a big fan of. Or Billie_and_I, a friend of mine who I lived close to before we moved to Gotland, her eye for colors is stunning.
For shopping I like Liberty in London,, and I love everything from Tambur Store.”

Every summer Maria visits friends on the mainland. She loves hanging out with friends during summer time. Late grill parties and picnics on different beautiful places is something the whole family enjoys.  We can’t wait to see her photos from her holiday adventures.

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