Can a woman have too many bags?
It’s a rhetorical question. And in my case, I can not have enough black bags. I love them, in what ever shape, size or brand.
Yet, I have a new favorite. It is my shoulder bag from the Philipp Bree collection PB 1001 that has entered the region. It is one of those bags that becomes more beautiful the more you use it. The leather will get a more vintage feel proving that aging is not a bad thing.
This rage of bags is available now at the Ashyaa store. This exciting concept store carries a range of beautiful designer products from around the world like HAY, Dear Rae Jewelry and also our favorite My Deer posters. It is definitely worth a visit.

Another new product that we came across is the new Home collection from Pom Amsterdam by fellow Dutchies. The sisters Liesbeth and Violet started off with making scarves and have expanded their range now. Their knitted cushions make us want to cuddle up on the sofa with a hot coco.

Speaking of coziness, we are always inspired by the work of April and May. They did a fantastic job styling a kids room with IKEA products. It’s forest theme and use of warm colors in combination with light wood is a great example of how to keep styling affordable.

And we would like to finish off with a little bragging… The beautiful Austrian magazine Seelected has featured us before yet we are very proud to find one of our rooms in this months issue. Our Austrian is a bit rusty but we think it is quite nice what she writes about us.

That’s it for now… back to the desk to work on some nice, new and exiting stuff with a touch of holiday spirit!

PS See below some ‘behind the scenes shots’ starring my new bag…

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