It’s not cream and it’s definitely not pink. Blush is a shade on her own.

In Milan we saw a lot of this gorgeous color so using blush is very on trend.
This lovely powdery color goes so well with many of my favorites. White, grey, wood, metal and especially green! The possibilities with blush are endless.
It is the perfect chic and casual color to wear when you have just had those first rays of sun to kiss your cheeks. It is also a perfect color to warm up a room. Stylish, subtle, modern and elegant.

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With our collection of Design Letters cups we could spell the word ‘SPRING’. Yet now there is even a better way to let this sunny season in your home. With the brand new collection ‘Flowers’ by Arne Jacobsen, we brought in a whole season.
As the Dutchies need their flowers, we love this new line from Design Letters & Friends. The anemone pattern from the 1940’s stars in a whole range of goodies that we received from our Danish friends with the question to participate in a styling challenge. Let us think about it… Yes please!

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