Instagram is one of our largest sources of inspiration. For us it is a platform where
the most stylish spaces, rooms and homes are connected by a hashtag and
where we can shamelessly admire our influencers.
HipandHanneke is one of these examples. We check her instafeed for her simply styled pics for pleasure. And that is why we’re happy to announce her as a guest blogger today where she shares her home and some go-to places with us.

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Let’s start with: I absolutely adore Tory’s home. The use of colors and details are creative, fun and above all very stylish! Unique, nothing like anyone else.  Tory Waller is a suburb stylist, smart lady and one of my biggest examples. We’ve met for the first time when she interviewed me for the Harpers Bazaar Interior and ever since she’s a daily inspiration. Therefore I feel very honored and excited to be able to share a snip of her gorgeous Dubai home, the room of her two son’s.As she says herself, its an evolution of a nursery. She’s not a fan of blue so the black and white stripe is chic and acceptable for growing up boys. Its a small space and without a playroom the toys need to be current and stored in accessible way. The room is styled chic yet simple with focus on gorgeous details like the antique bed and the chair, giant fabric stretched on wood and cushion with the Pierre Frey confettis collection.

Tory Waller: interiors, food and props stylist, founder of Living Green and mom of Archie (5) and Theo (3).
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Images by Tory Waller

HELLO 2015


Hello 2015! Happy New year! A full year ahead of us! A fresh start. Back to work. Lots of plans for 2015. I definitely wish my year will be as good, or even better (!) as last year! Expanding my interior styling activities, celebrating Live Loud girl’s first birthday in January and definitely more focus on the blog. I’ve started with a clean and organized home and fresh greenery. And you?

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