As the days get shorter and the winter break gets closer, we are working on many lists. Lists from the kids to Santa, lists of gifts to bring home when we visit the family and our regular to-do lists of work related items.

All of these lists have one thing in common and that is that they are about cozy encounters, family time and delicate decorations. Although we have had a Xmas tree before, this year we are keeping it simple and sweet. Green is the theme yet there are so many different ways to bring some lush leaves inside.

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I’m probably the last to write about it. But hey, I had the good excuse with my mini family break to Sri Lanka, right? Just in case you missed the happy news: IKEA has a collaboration with designer Ilse Crawford to launch a range off homewares with natural materials like cork. Doesn’t it look great?

The new SINNERLIG collection will be available online and in store October 2015.
Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015-SQ_dezeen_468c_0 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_8 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_7 Ilse-Crawford-Sinnerlig-collection-for-Ikea-Stockholm-2015_dezeen_468_0