Summer Flo2This summer Florien will be visiting her home country The Netherlands. She shares some ‘must bring & must do’s’ with us.

1. I will definitely pack Oma’s DIY chevron yellow crochet blanket. To survive the cold airplane and the Dutch summer nights, since my daughter Kieke is not used to temperatures beneath 20 degrees, a real Dubai baby.

2. Kieke will be wearing her “Hold me” onesie ( I can use some help traveling alone) and booties I found at Be Bright Eyez

3. Looking forward to read the Dutch Jan Magazine and  VT Wonen for a dose of summer inspiration.

4 & 5. Items that I really miss in Dubai are real vintage treasures and…..sleeping with my window open and breath in some fresh, cold air

6. Shops that I’m going to visit are Loods 5, Jan, and Kids to Kids

7. I will visit De Kleine Fabriek in Amsterdam, a fair with creativity and inspirational products of children’s fashion, accessories, interiors and toys

8. What will definitely be in my suitcase on the way back? My new Casio watch, already ordered! Oh no, I will be wearing it I think, will that leave some more space for something else?

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