The first in row of our summer guests is a person that is on our top 5 of Instagram accounts to check before the day starts: Louise @mortilmernee. Her Danish home makes us drool, her talent for styling makes us jealous and her way with words makes us laugh.

Earlier this year we asked her to share her home tour with us. Remember that beautiful wintery living room?
Well we are getting a very different vibe on her account this time of year as Louise is addicted to flowers and we want to know more about how she brings summer inside. So we asked her a few questions and styling tips to go with some exclusive photo’s of her home.


What are your plans this summer?

This summer we are driving to Italy and Austria to meet family. The feeling of just driving towards the sun is amazing and we love that the vacation starts as soon as you get into the car.
In september we will go to New York to spend nine days in this amazing city.  We love to visit big cities as a family. You can have some of the best talks with your kids when you walk around for hours. Both of us will be holding hands with one of our daughters and just walk, talk and see all day long. This is really the ultimate holiday for me.

How often do you change the set up at home?

Our house is really small, so moving around furnitures is really not that easy. Our sofa has been standing in the same place for 11 years now, just like the dinner table.  I often talk about how I would love to move it all around, but trust me, I’ve been there, done it and everything looks best the way it is.  Now I sort of gave up and like the way it all looks. But with books, pictures, flowers and small furniture I go all out.

How do you bring summer inside?

I love flowers with all my heart. All year long I have fresh flowers in the house yet the best season for me is when everything starts blooming outside. I love poppies, lilacs and all the wild flowers you can find everywhere, most of them found during a walk. Flowers inside helps to keep the summer season in as long as possible, even when it rains.

What’s you decorating tip?

To bring seasonal flowers in the house….. I promise you it will make you happy, and you house will smell fabulous too. If I don’t have wild flowers I will go to my favorite flowershop Poppykalas.

Any new furniture or changes this season?

Yes, that must be the “new” Wegner Y-chairs that I inherited from my grandmother who sadly passed away this spring.  They were my grandparents dining chairs so I have some mixed feeling about them as I miss my grandparents very much. Our family is very very small, so when you loose some, it seem like such a big loss.
On my decorating wish list is to either paint or change our kitchen doors. My husband does not totally agree with me, but I am working on it. Ikea just introduced some new wooden doors that I really like.

What is your perfect summer day?

A day with no plans at all. When the sun is out and the kids are in the pool, we will be outside all day, sitting on the terrace until the sun sets, around 11 pm in Denmark. Sadly the Danish climate does not give us many of these days, that’s why they seem so special and we make the absolute most of them.

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