Even though we live in a place where it is always summer, a summer holiday for us means a break from the heat, quality time with family and friends and filling our lungs with fresh air. The whole Live Loud Girl team is lucky to have the chance to travel back to Europe for all of the above reasons. We will spread out to come back to the office rejuvenated, rested and ready to work on the projects that are already lined up for the second half of the year.

We are packing our bags with some new goodies that we ordered at Nickis. A site with a great selection of designer kids wear for the ages 0-16. My boys will definitely steal the show with these sneakers and socks in Holland and New York. That’s right, we are going on a family trip to the Big Apple!

Some of you might already know this but before we were in Dubai, we lived in New York City and I loved every second of it. It was a place that inspired me so much that I decided to start my blog. And that has somehow evolved into what you are on today and my full time job.

Anyway, you will be able to follow us on my Instagram and Stories and will promise to share some of my go-to places when I am back. For the rest we have a few very inspiring Guests on the blog for you together with some of our projects that we have just finished.

So as the bags are slowly filling (traveling light was never my thing) we are getting ready to take it down a notch for the coming weeks. Yet don’t be fooled, we are always online and on the look out for inspiration to work with when we get back!

Happy Holidays!

Goodies for in our suitcase: Adidas sneakers  | Adidas socks



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