As interior stylists, we face many styling related challenges which vary from order lead times to finding the perfect accessory and anything in between.

Yet in our latest project, a summer house with 4 spaces to be styled by us, we came across a real challenge. We were asked to create a room for an 11 year old boy. The real challenge lies not in the lack of inspiration but more in the fact that it needs to appeal to a teenager and remain enjoyable for the coming years.

We decided to split the room in two by using contrasting forms and colors. A half painted wall of Jotun’s Whispering Red gives the sleeping area of the room some warmth. The bed is a custom made queen size frame of untreated wood to give this side of the room a cool vibe, almost surfer like.

For chilling, we chose an IKEA sofa that we upgraded with a beautiful linen cover from Bemz. The clever people behind this company create beautiful covers from a wide range of materials that fit most IKEA sofa’s, enabling you to create something unique. The sofa in combination with the monochrome rug gives the space a bold element.

Because this boy is 11 and not yet 19, we could not resist bringing in what has probably been our favorite pet for the last six months. The Big Stuffed Octopus. And we are sure he loves the Zoe Rumeau lighted skateboard as much as we do.

On the other side of the room we chose a grid wall paper which goes beautifully with the String Furniture desk and shelves. The untreated wood element can also be seen on this side of the room with a custom made storage cabinet. The two sides of the room meet in the middle by the three big statement HK Living pendant lights.

This room is a perfect example of combining affordable options with timeless design. Investing in design will allow you to really make a statement in any space yet we believe that mixing it up, especially in kids’ rooms, works its magic.

We are sure that this room is cool enough for an 11 year old boy and remain interesting for the man he will be in only a few years time.

Photography by Natelee Cocks

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  1. linda September 28, 2018

    Love it! Who makes the stuffed plant?


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