In my Instagram you might have seen that the hashtags #Movethatbus  #RentalHeaven and #Getridofuglytiles is still going strong. We have moved into our new rental house that luckily feels more like our own home then any of our previous houses. This time around we had the chance to decide on most of the finishes. Finishes that, to me make a big difference in how I feel about my home. Where rental houses often make it necessary to turn a blind eye towards ugly tiles, a hideous kitchen or an unidentifiable color on the wall, this house is the best one yet! A wooden floor (yeah!), a marble counter top (hurray!, grey simple kitchen cabinets and walls on which we can choose our on color (yessss!) make me so happy! For the first time, this is a place that I want to show off and trust me, I will!

Note to self though: moving is stressful. No matter how much you cleaned out your old home and how beautiful your new home is, there are always boxes with stuff that you either don’t need or have no idea where to put. And did you know that unpacking a whole house in between school runs, installations, photo shoots and desktop days is not the most effective way to tackle it?

I have received many messages and questions from you, wanting now to see the end result of what we have been working on over the last weeks. And to be honest, I can not wait to show you. Yet the truth is, that I can not reveal everything yet for the simple reason that the other corner of the photos that I do post, are still full of boxes or total random items.
So for now I can give you a little sneak peek of the areas that are presentable enough.

Hopefully you will wait patiently with us whilst I wait for some last items to arrive and the last boxes to get unpacked (or just thrown out). And then we will share a full house tour!

Things that make me happy in my almost-ready-new-rental: Wooden floor by Nordic Homeworx | Boys bedroom Fusion by Jotun | Master bedroom Soothening Beige by Jotun | Towels in the bathroom La Cerise sur le Gateau |  Sage Brown Custom Sofa Cover Bemz SoderHam Ikea Couch | Greenery Dubai Garden Centre

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