There used to be one corner in the kitchen that you would never see on my blog or Instagram account. Not a messy closet or an unorganised office, but the kitchen corner with our water dispenser.
As we can’t drink from the tap here yet do take hydration very serious, that 20 liter water bottle was just a part of our day to day life.
For boiling water we used an old fashioned kettle. Not an eye sore perse, yet a kettle that I would always put in the kitchen cabinet after use.
So for me, as a stylist and a clean countertop activist, the Quooker is one of those items from my kitchen dreams

Quooker has it all

We have known the Quooker tap for a long time as it is a Dutch invention. Only recently, it became available in our region and I decided to jump on it. Because this tap has so many benefits. No more heavy water bottles to cary in, no more chemicals in the water, no more waiting for the kettle to boil, no more chilling of water. This tap has it all!
And besides that, the black tap I chose is an absolute stunner.

The installation was quick and easy. The beauty of this system is that everything is installed in the cabinet under the sink. With this tap rocking the counter now, I am able to get filtered water, boiling water, and, as a total bonus for myself, sparkling water straight from the tap. All in the exact amount I need it in, at any given time.

Worth the investment

As you might know, we live in a rental home. But because it is so easy to instal, remove and re-instal, we will be able to take this baby with us to what ever new home we will be moving to in the future.

This Quooker has changed the way I start the day with my morning routine. It has made quick pasta dinners so much faster, feeding the kids in under 10 minutes (an essential when having active boys I have learned). And it has increased the amount we drink.
The incredible esthetics and clean counter top makes this tap one of my favorite items in the house now.

The video

drink from the tap

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