liveloudgirl280916_good-76If you haven’t heard about Miniwilla before, I am sure you have seen her products on this blog and in our room installations. We fell in love with this whimsical brand a long time ago and have used it ever since. Remember the posters ‘The kids are all right‘ and ‘You are so pretty‘?

The creative mind behind Miniwilla is always edgy and imaginative when creating a new range of products. Like always, this new collection is fun and funky. We loved working with the matching pillows, posters and storage baskets in the playroom. Even though our playroom is mostly a boys domain, we never shy away from a touch of pink. This mischievous funny face collection is a winner, just like her more classic bunny range.

These Miniwilla products are just what you need if you want to spice things up a bit. It’s that touch of Swedish wit that makes the room (and our day!). Check out the complete collection on the website

Images Natelee Cocks  | Styling Live Loud Girlliveloudgirl280916_good-78 liveloudgirl280916_good-15 liveloudgirl280916_good-19 liveloudgirl280916_good-20 liveloudgirl280916_good-18

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