Over the years I have learned that comfort sometimes comes before beauty. Now don’t get a big fright, I am not saying that I will only be walking around in a track suit or never will wear heels again. I am saying that a comfortable place for couch surfing was missing in my previous home and I was desperate for a change.

You might know this name from client installations. Bemz makes custom sewn covers for IKEA sofa’s and armchairs  in hundreds of high end fabrics. They recently also launched their furniture legs to be able to completely reflect your own personal style when it comes to your sofa. The process is easy. Wether you already have an IKEA sofa in your house or you are shopping for a new one, you simply just look up the sofa name and check what covers Bemz offers for it. You can order free fabric samples if you are a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of person like we are.

A new home was a clean slate so when we were deciding on a sofa for the house, I went a bit out on a limb. I chose a kids & couch potato friendly sofa at IKEA and because brown is back (it is very on trend at the moment) I decided to get on board, making our new sofa a warm and welcoming place to chill out.

You might have seen it in my home tour and on my Instagram feed already, it is a winner. This sofa is the perfect example of combining comfort, affordability and beauty.

Shop the look: IKEA Söderhamn 3-seater | Bemz Loose Fit Urban | Color Sage Brown washed linen


  1. Saraf furniture April 12, 2019

    Love the warmer tone. You really accomplished so much in that room. So pretty

    • Live Loud Girl May 14, 2019

      ah thanks! Yes, so happy with this sofa, it’s a winner. xx


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