MYDEER foto 1This blog is all about inspiring people when it comes to interior styling and decorating.
Now, it is not that all our inspiration magically pops up every time we start a new project. We are constantly being inspired by people around us, photographers, creative businesses that we work with and last but not least by our digital life lines.

With Christmas just days away and the sudden change of weather here (I can honestly say that I have been cold this week…), we are ready to be fully inspired to create our warm and cosy home, complete with gingerbread cookie baking, carol humming and jumper wearing.

We invite you to get into the holiday decor spirit with us with this beautiful links that immediately do the trick. It might not be a surprise that we personally prefer white, some black and gold for our Xmas decorations. This year though the natural style has the overhand and we will add lots of greenery, fairy lights, grass baskets and glass.

We’re curious about your style? If you need some more, feel free to check out our Xmas Pinterest board.
Cuddle up and enjoy!

Foto 3 wreathFoto4 Huffington postFoto 5. Ana Rosafoto 7. style filesFoto 8 holiday lights 899c6f0521a21a6251bd88e6c71fd194bae535177a7e178b65df48ab335108a3

 1. My Deer | 2. Temple and Webster | 3. Huffington post | 4. Ana Rosa | 5. Style Files  | 6. Georgianna Lane | 7. This is glamorous | 8. Elisabeth Heier

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