Remember when the interior trend was all about monochrome, playful black and white prints and geometric designs? Although we are big fans, on the Design Week in Milan there is no getting around the fact that earthy tones are the new theme in town.

Fashion trends have been the forerunner. Colours, patters and materials from the catwalk often translate to interior decor and this spring’s fashion trends featuring rusty red’s and warm browns were indeed the forerunner.

Being completely on trend, Jotun has unveiled their latest color ‘Structure’ which is also the name for their 2016 range that also carries the shades ‘Dusky Pink’ and ‘Seaweed’. Jotun takes into consideration social, environmental and global factors that shape us, bringing back the focus on creating tranquil spaces with these calming colors.
Structure can be used with white walls and soft tones for a minimalistic look or in combination with other earthy tones and black for a more exotic feel.

The unveiling of the Jotun colors took place at the Structure exposition in Ventura Lamrate. A collaboration of 26 young Norwegian designers. As Scandi fans, you could not have brought us to a better space.

The rusty red chair by Runa Klock blends in beautifully with the Dusky Pink. You will see this design soon at Kartell since they fell in love with it too. We can’t blame them.
Another favorite are the ceramic lights by Noidoi which feature a beautiful combination of the pink and neutrals in a classic pendant.
We fell hard for the ‘Between’ seat by Sarah Wright Polmar, a minimalistic mini sofa with three different color and structures. The perfect item for in a bedroom, my bedroom!

As mentioned yesterday, green and dusty pink are definitely a thing in Milan Design Week. Jotun is not the only one paying an homage to the beauty of natural resources and earthy tones, brands like Muuto, &Tradition, Rolf Benz, Hay and new kids on the block like Harto, used these colors as a theme in their new collection.

Having said all the above, this gives us the ambition to translate this pallet into our projects and installations. And we are exited to do so!

1 + 2. & Tradition | 4 + 5 + 6. Jotun Structure | 8+ 9. Muuto | 11. Max Design | 12. Rolf Benz


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