On our Milanese adventure we were definitely on the look out for trends and new launches for ‘Bambini’.
Not only did we see our favorite go-to brands, we also got acquainted with a whole range of new-to-us players.  And some of them made it directly to our ‘yes we would love to work with you’ list.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing and simplicity manufactured in a  light wood is perfection to us. No wonder that we fell hard for the newest collection of Harto. They managed to create a line of playful furniture by using the on-trend colors of green and blush. The Gaston Mini desk is also great for (big) kids (like us), and their  newly launched clever wall boards will be used by Live Loud Girl very soon if it is up to us.

As we are of the over organised kind, we love anything that falls into the category ‘shelving’. The Vogia shelves are simple and clean yet these are the items that can really finish off a room.
The Iso hook  is again one of those items that can give a space the finishing touch. Offered in a range of color combinations, these floating hooks are new to the HAY accessory range.

The book case from Drugeot Labo also uses this combination and added an eye catching form. As with their cute kite lights, they step away from the traditional path, creating gorgeous products with their creativity and craftsmanship.

Speaking of creativity, this rocking horse is an iconic item for a nursery. Again playing with a classic concept, yet given a contemporary form. The use of materials is totally up our street.

We are inspired to say the least. Inspired and ready to rock these products. Want to know which one we will use first? Subscribe to our blog and we will keep you up to date every organised step of the way.

Top photo Shelving by Harto | 1. Mini Desk by Harto | 2. Vogia shelving | 3. Iso Hooks by Hay |  4. Book case by Drugeot Labo | 5. Kite lights by Drugeot Labo | 6. Rocking horse by Gebrueder Thonet


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