Happy new year, happy 2017!
Thank you all for the LOVE and support in 2016 and we hope we will remain to inspire you in this brand new year.

After a nice long indulgent break, we definitely have a list of new years resolutions for this year along the lines of staying healthy, time management and creativity and we intending to stick to them. Have you made your list yet?

A new year always feels like a clean sheet of paper, a fresh start. Even though it is just another date, the first of January does energize us like no other day in the year.

We are craving simplicity this year, both on personal and interior decor level. More back to the basics. Living in the moment, open our eyes for today instead of thinking about how we could have improved yesterday or worry about tomorrow. But hey, we are human and we like to Live Loud, so being perfect remains a challenge.

On our travel wish list for this year is definitely the Design Week in Milan. It gave us so many trend insights and inspirational ideas last year that we do not want to miss out on this huge event. Playtime Paris in July is for us a perfect place to get to know about new brands and meet up with suppliers during a long summer break.
Yet first we will be celebrating Live Loud Girl’s third birthday in January, work on some exciting upcoming installations and shoots.

On a personal level we want to remain fit and healthy (with a sugar coated or dairy froth sin every now and again) and keep up the work outs and walks. We will try to worry less about the number of likes on a photo and focus more on capturing that what makes us happy.

Most of all we want this year to be all about sharing the love. Love for the family, love for our projects and love for what we do. And we hope you will do the same!

LOVE neon light By Something Els

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