As the end of this year is quickly approaching, we want to take the chance to look back on a very successful, fun and inspiring 2017.
It was a year in which we had the chance to work on things that had been on our wish list for a long time. Letting them become a reality was mind blowing.

Some fun and colorful room installations kept us busy throughout the year.  And even though that is what we have been doing for the last four years, we can never get enough of it.

New in our portfolio are the two video shoots we did for Jotun. Although we have done a lot of projects for this paint brand over the past years, taking care of the styling for two launch videos was new to us.
As a cherry on the Jotun cake we were asked style the event for the launch of their 2018 color card, including the roll out of 9 other Jotun launches  in the middle east. What an experience!

Product development was also on the list so when the lovely Maison Saadah approached us to create a rug together, we could not help to do a little dance. It was an amazing journey with an even better result.
And what started off as a joke over a coffee with our creative friend Gardner and the Gang is no joke now. News flash for 2018, we can tell you that we have some funky posters for you with a serious Live Loud Girl meets GATG vibe. Stay tuned!

We also had the chance to work with a few very cool new brands who asked us to take be the art director for their shoot. Creating a concept around a brand and then bringing it to life in front of a camera is what we love to do. We can’t reveal much yet but on our Instagram account you can see more of our latest shoot.
Dear Santa: more of those in the new year please!

Even though we are trying to take a break at this very moment, we are already getting excited about our agenda that is filling up for the new year. With 3 room installations, the art direction of a new launch and 2 photo shoots the first month of the new year, we know we won’t be bored.

A visit to Maison & Objet in Paris in January is a definite highlight. Not only will the team be complete (yay!), we will be inhaling every bit of inspiration that we can find on this amazing fair. Besides meeting some of our (new) suppliers we will be sourcing for the projects that are lined up.
Our enthusiasm for this trip has nothing to do with our love for croissants, neighborhood cafes, French food, French fashion, French style icons and French architecture, we didn’t even realize that yet…

It’s all about work hard, play hard in 2018. With gratitude we look back, as young kids in a candy store we are already sugar rushed for what’s to come.

Thank you loving and loyal readers for all your support. We can’t say often enough how much we appreciate your support. Wishing you all beautiful and best for 2018

– XO from the Live Loud Girl team –

Linda, Flo & Roos

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