Details can really make or break a piece of furniture, thats why we always try to refine every element of the items we work with. We love it when someone says: “look at those legs!”, not referring to mine but to the customised bed legs for example. Its all about the details.

As we’re quite a regular at our local IKEA, both for our styling projects and for our own home, a company like SuperFront is a phenomenal find. This clever Swedish company makes legs, handles, fronts and tops for some of IKEA’s best known items. The result: creating affordable yet beautifully customised furniture. SuperFront works with a beautiful line of colors and exclusive materials such as brass, copper, marble, birch and leather… need to mention those are some of our favorites?

Now everyone can recycle a run down cabinet and give it a new life again by simply ordering online.
If you need inspiration, take a look at what these Scandinavian designers did with an IKEA cabinet and their own choice of SuperFront items. Beautifully styled and auctioned at Blomqvist.
Look at those legs!

All images from Blomqvist

Superfront-Auktion-Naked Superfront-Auktion-PitchBlack

1. Design and styling by Nina Holst/Stylizimo | 2. Design and styling by Jannicke Kråkvik & Alessandro D´Orazio | 3. Design and styling by Per Olav Sølvberg

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