We have just stepped up our game! As per this month, the Live Loud Girl team has an actual office and we are so delighted!

You might wonder from where we were posting #LiveLoudGirlHQ or #Justanotherdayattheoffice. Well, for years we have been working from my home starting from a small table on the landing to an actual home office. This is where we brainstormed, created mood boards, talked to suppliers and had many coffees and laughs. However, a lot of time is also spent on the road, in a studio or completing installations at clients’ homes.

A few months ago we were approached by Nasab; a new members-only workplace and social club located at KOA Canvas . It’s a hub where like-minded, creative  individuals will come together to work. It harnesses the region’s homegrown talent who are changing the face of contemporary culture ranging from different fields such as arts, interior, fashion, technology, film and media.
It is such a well designed space, featuring elements that we love like wooden floors, concrete and black window frames.

Ieeeek, you can imagine we are super proud to be one of the founding members and first ones to move in? Seeing our name on the door of an actual office in such an inspirational and beautifully designed environment is truly a dream come true for me and the team.

From now on, when we caption #attheoffice, you know where we are with beaming smiles behind a proper desk with a coffee on our side. Dying to show you more the coming months.

We feel like grown ups now (ok, maybe not quite…)

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