My suitcase had exactly been unpacked for one full day before it saw my clothes come in again. No pity needed as I had the chance to go off to what probably is the Interior capital of the world: Copenhagen to attend the official Jotun Color Launch 2019: Identity.

Every year Jotun releases her new colors that translate the latest trends and global inspiration into three themes with each eight beautiful colors.

This years color card Identity with themes Calm, Refined and Raw is all about that your home should tell a story, your story. Remembering who you are and having your home reflect that will create a space where you feel yourself. That is something we always take into account at Live Loud Girl.
This colour card is designed to create your personal space, a space that can ground us and comfort us – a constant, ever-reliable reminder of what makes us happy.

Every year we are stunned by the new colors. When you think you have seen them all, Jotun never fails to surprise.

Calm is a palette of neutrals which create the finest balance between the cleanliness of minimalism and the energy of colour. A perfectly judged palette of neutrals will always result in an inspiring space.

Refined allows our homes to be galleries of the items we love so much and collect throughout our lives. Vintage treasures, new design pieces, artworks in different styles and forms, together they create a new aesthetic which tells our personal story.

Raw is a pallet of warm colors of soil and sand which provide the organic reassurance of the real strong but never overpowering rural atmosphere. These colors allow us to create modern, rustic spaces.

What we love about this years collection is the warm and unsaturated feel that each and every color from these three themes give us.
The colors we can’t wait to start working with are the Jotun 12076 Modern Beige and Jotun 12075 Soothing Beige from Calm. I would love this for my own master bedroom. Subtle yet warm, a true soft neutral, a perfect color to wake up with every morning. Or should I go for the Jotun 12083 Devine or Jotun 12074 Peachy …
Have a look yourself and follow me on my short but very sweet and inspiring trip through Copenhagen on Instagram and my Stories. Would love to hear from you.
Ps. Noticed that Blue is this year off the table…

Jotun Color Trends 2019 Idenity


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