Colors are one of the most inspirational elements in interior styling. An therefore the launch of new colors is something that excites us. Take for instance the colors that Jotun launched during the Milan Design week. Their color range Structure brought back the focus on creating tranquil spaces with calming colors.
And that was so spot on that we fell in love with all the earthy tones in paint and design. We left monochrome for what it was and embraced this new trend with both arms.

Yesterday during the Dubai Design Week, Jotun launched their Colour Collection 2017 and we were proud to be on the scene. The new colors are themed together, challenging us to work with more then one of the pallet to create a surprising effect.

Nordic Living – a serene and smooth collection of colors that will go with almost anything and feels close to us. We instantly fell in love with the St. Pauls Blue which is such a rich yet subtle color with a hint of green pine. Styling wise this goes very well with birch and concrete. Need to say more?
Another color to highlight since is Cashmere. This golden caramel color goes fantastic with white and the blue shades from this pallet.

Urban Living – a refreshing and a bit of a quirky mix of colors that give you the idea that you are on the west coast of the US. The Dusty Red is a warm and sophisticated rich tone  that goes exceptionally well with the pink shades from this pallet. A match made in heaven.
Evergreen is our absolute favorite. We know this color will be a huge hit due to the warm undertone that makes it so versatile. We have already had the pleasure to work with it when styling of the HAY pop-up shop during the Dubai Design Week.

Continental Living – a more exotic pallet based on inspiration from Istanbul and Morocco. These colors reminds us of what we saw in Milan: the warm and earthy tones.

With these new colors available, we feel a new paint job coming up.  And not just for one statement wall, wanna go with the trend,  we’ll have to paint more than one.

Images: 1: Live Loud Girl / 2-6:  Photography: Siren Lauvdal / Styling: Kråkvik & D´Orazio for Jotun





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