Where we can have a say in how things look around the house, we do. Believe us, we do.
So when functionality meets design, which is one of Dyson’s core values, we are all ears and want to know all about it.

I was asked to join the Dyson family and the first thing we did was get to know their first personal purifying fan. The Dyson Pure Cool Me creates a cooler and healthier environment without giving in on esthetics. It removes potentially harmful household fumes and ultra fine particles from the air. The sleek design allows it to perfectly blend into any different personal space. A breath of fresh air in a Dubai household, where dust, sand and airco’s are always on full blast.

We want to give you a look behind the scenes of the shoot where I am using this product in my home. You can also check out the video that we shot. As we prefer being behind the camera, just focus on the purifier… that is the beauty in this story:

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