2015-05-05 10.08.59 1_resizedSince we do so many kids rooms, see so many great products and are constantly inspired to do more, I desperately wanted to work our magic but this time at home. Jack’s room had been on the to-do list for a long time since I felt it wasn’t complete.

So when Jotun offered us to try their matt paint of the new My Home collection, we immediately grabbed our chance. Before we knew it, we were saying goodbye to the navy wall and welcomed a very loved monochrome combo.

Although black is not a typical color for a kids room, when combining it with a fresh white and some pops of color, it can really work out well. Jack sees the black as a race course. We love the imagination of 5 year old. Color is brought in by the books on the short shelves that fill up an otherwise empty corner. It’s the first thing the little book wurm sees when he wakes up.
The fashion faux pas of combining navy with black is so last season so the curtains and rug were allowed to stick around. After all, it’s fun to try something new. Speaking of which, we added a Roxy Marj baby blanket on the wall since we love the design so much. It’s opposite the good old Mausbird tiger poster. The rocking chair adds a nostalgic vibe since this was bought for Jacks nursery back in the days.
The room looks completely different by just changing one wall and adding the shelves. Make-overs can be easier then you think. The boys reaction was: fantastic! Now that’s always nice to hear. For me, Jack’s room is finally as I always wanted it. But don’t be fooled. There is always work in progress in casa Live Loud girl, let’s see how long this one lasts…
PS. we added last moment the Petite vegas marquee light of Fromage La Rue we received as a gift last night , more about that later. But is was too pretty not to show already!
 2015-05-05 07.24.57 1_resized 2015-05-04 04.08.27 1_resized 2015-05-04 04.12.15 1_resized 2015-05-05 10.00.20 1_resized
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