It’s all in the detail!
A new item on the blog the coming weeks were guests will share their favorite interior details. From a rug to a light, to storage bags….it’s all in the detail to finish your interior and to change the vibe.

A rug will make the room more cosy and enjoyable, giving the kids a place to sit on, play on or chill out on. We asked our regular Guest on the Blog contributor Geraldine from Studio Bandit who we love for het simple and sophisticated style to share her top 5 with us.
Even though we do our kids room homework, it’s refreshing to ask a guest because some of these rugs are new to us.

These 5 chosen rugs complement a minimalistic design, a style that has been on trend for a while now and that we happily embrace. She picked items that both children and parents will enjoy since they are timeless and serene. Aren’t these first three inventive examples of having a classic animal on the floor?

We can imagine some really happy kids feet on these gorgeous statement pieces.

1. Blue Tiger  | 2. Ecru Fox | 3. Bear blanket  | 4. Gypsy rug | 5. Round with triangles

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