We are all spending much more time at home than we would normally do (and want). Yet in this whole ‘making the most of our house-arrest’ situation, we decided to spread some interior inspiration with quick home updates. We are not talking about big make overs that require us to go out to the shops of course. We mean some easy alterations with things we either already have at home or that we can order online. And the latter ties in with our shout out to all small businesses out there that can really use a boost right now.


In our job as stylists, we work with a lot of small businesses. Always have, always will. This goes for both big projects and for changes at home. Most of them are found very close to us: on Instagram and will either reach out via a DM, or visit their webshop to get our hands on newly discovered and incredible home ware that is made with love.

A quick update in my own master bedroom was done in 5 minutes. It was just a matter of changing a few things like the bedside table. The extra cover on the bed (oh, we could go on and on about bedding) is an old set and the through is actually a singel duvet cover from the boys that I bought from Smallable (a treasure chest filled with small businesses). Adding art work is one of the easiest ways of changing the vibe of a space. We love working with the very talented Maaike from My Deer artshop. They always have a beautiful collection that can be used anywhere in the house.

Give away time

Because we love bringing in new art work, we are very happy to announce a give away with My Deer artshop on Instagram soon. Check out our account and stories to get the chance to win one of the three €60 vouchers!!

We hope you will have the time now for those areas in the house that ‘you never had the time for’.
Our three tips:
1. If you need something new, support a small business
2. Shop around the house for furniture
3. Add some beautiful art work as a finishing touch

Need inspiration? Check out our portfolio or tap on our Instagram pics to discover our suppliers.

Happy house arresting!


  1. ARACELI GALLEGO April 5, 2020

    So true! and if you are the creative type, paint or draw that piece you envision for that corner or the lounge.

  2. Hello, I want to congratulate and thank the countless ideas presented, they are great articles bringing us great news.

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