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Did you have the chance to go through our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE yet?
It is full of beautiful and original gifts for all your loved ones. Most of our participating suppliers offer shoppers a 10% discount until December 5th with the code LIVELOUDGIRLXMAS. For the ones that need a good excuse to do so, remember that it is a great way to support small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Now listen to this:
We have have just tried on Santa’s beard and coat and decided that the whole gift guide is part of our end of year GIVEAWAY.

Yes dear readers, you can win every item in the guide. For yourself, for friends or for family. This is how we make your festive holiday shopping really easy!

How to participate:

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  • Comment on the blogpost and let us know which item you would like to win and for who (for example: Number 5; for my mother in law because she takes care of my kids so much – let’s see how many of those we get)
  • The winners will be announced December 5th 2015 on the blog
  • Entries are worldwide

We look forward to hearing from you all.

Happy HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE browsing!

1. A soft, trendy blanket from Kate & Kate Home | 2. Fun must-have cushion for in any kids corner from Into the Fold | 3. A on trend pastel poster from Miniterior, playful and educational| 4. Five beautiful Ferm Living hangers for in the tree this year by Marmarland | 5. A winner, this beautiful cushion from Camomile of London | 6. Some festive Cooee design decorations for on the dinner table | 7. Let their imagination run wild with this Suussies camera and bow | 8. A starry paper bag for toys or plants from Mon Petite Zoreol | 9. A classic gone modern is this calendar from The Poster Club  | 10. A DIY kit for making your very own precious Dumye doll | 11. A warm and cosy alternative for a traditional Xmas outfit by Brighteyez | 12.  A Noe & Zoemask for mini superheroes | 13. A poster for cool boys by Cats & Boys | 14. Cot sheet with a touch of triangle by Frankie & Frenchie | 15. This The Bowery Company candle holder is not only for the festive season a gorgeous edition to your home | 16. This Noe & Zoe tutu makes us wish we had girls | 17. The perfect posterfor every kids rooms by Pax and hart | 18.Gorgeous textile from Camomile of London for every age | 19.  Fresh and classy cushion by Georgia Macmillan

Note regarding discounts:
Participating webshops will give Live Loud Girl readers a 10% discount starting from November 23rd until December 5th with the code LiveLoudGirlXmas.
Excluded shops are: Suussies, The Poster Club, Pax & Hart, Cooee Design and Dumye. The Bowery Company will have a discount on selected items only.



  1. Line November 23, 2015

    Number 17 – for our soon-to-arrive baby boy’s nursery! xx

  2. Eveline November 23, 2015

    I’m going to choose the 11th item because I adore the products from Brighteyez. Also Christmas is coming up and I would love it for my 5 month old baby girl because it’s such a unique and comfortable thing to wear for the celebrations. (:

  3. Dahniar November 23, 2015

    No. 11 – it’s looks super cozy, for my cute little pie

  4. Sherrizah November 23, 2015

    Number 16: for my toddler who loves to play dress up

  5. Donna Karanas November 23, 2015

    #15 for my sister who just moved into a new place but all the gifts are divine!

  6. Joanne November 23, 2015

    Got to be number 15 – I know 4 people who need a very special wish this year and can’t think of a nicer way to blow out 4 candles and pray that wish comes true

  7. Meena Hindmarch November 23, 2015

    11 for my wonderful little boy who has been the best help to me, and most wonderful big brother ever, since his little brother was born earlier this year.

  8. Susan Heaton November 23, 2015

    no 11. for my amazing twin sister who is due her second bundle of fun next year!

  9. Karli November 23, 2015

    Number 3- Perfect for our little ones nursery who is due in Jan! Pretty please I would love to win this x

  10. Sienna November 23, 2015

    No. 1 for my mom, who loves to sit in front of the wood stove and read books❄️

  11. olga November 23, 2015

    Number 16-noe & zoe tutu because i don’t have to wish to have a girl, i am a lucky to have her

  12. Lorna November 24, 2015

    TWO || Would love number 2 for our new family member our Labrador puppy Bruce! Have been eyeing it off on Instagram for ages and have been obsessed since seeing it used as a cool and funky dog bed! I think Bruce would love it haha

  13. Racha November 24, 2015

    I’d love to win the DIY DOLL KIT number 10. I support such humanitarian businesses and would like to have one at home.

  14. Susan November 24, 2015

    I would love #1 and I would give it to my sister who loves black & white and loves curling up with a blanket. Thank you!

  15. Dianne Hall November 24, 2015

    I would love to gift number 2 to my nephew. He loves to read and he would love to lay on this while reading his books!

  16. Kelly Harvarde November 24, 2015

    No 7 – my husband is a photographer and our little girl loves anything camera related – it would be such a treat to see them together with ‘matching’ cameras. happy holidays!

  17. Denise November 24, 2015

    Nummer 15 voor ons Wolvenmeisje. Omdat zij nog steeds onder haar grote broers blauwe overtrekjes slaapt hihi.

  18. Natelee November 24, 2015

    No. 10 – I am absolutely in love with the Dumye Dolls and would love to send this to my God Daughter for Christmas back home in South Africa. She turned 3 months today, but sure Mommy will have just as much fun putting this special friend together for her 🙂

  19. Natalia November 24, 2015

    I love everything, but my favourites are 2 and 19 for my child’s room. Also,as I haven’t got any daughters, I’d give the wonderful tutu (16) to my friend’s daughter. 🙂

  20. Mayssam Mahmoud November 24, 2015

    I would love to win no. 10, we always wanted to make our own doll and its a nice activity to do with our children. they will love it 🙂

  21. Melissa November 24, 2015

    #1 for my sis who gets up at 4 am to run with me insead of staying cozy and warm in her bed! This is for our off days!
    #22 & 16 for my 1 and 2 year old who often run around in hats and tutu’s because they’re “cowboy princesses” now they can add superhero to their repertoire.
    #4 for my mom, she adds magic to the world, so why not add a little zing to her tree?

  22. Kelly D November 24, 2015

    I would like #18 for my daughter. Thanks!

  23. Francesca November 25, 2015

    Number 1 – a lovely cosy blanket to snuggle under with my little boy while we watch his favourite show. X

  24. Kenny Hall November 25, 2015

    #7 for my mother in law. She loves to decorate and this is totally her style.

  25. Nynne November 25, 2015

    Number 5 // for me. A house just for me. Without toys scattered all over! (Hehe)

  26. SAM November 25, 2015


  27. Denise Konkel November 26, 2015

    #2 would be for my nephew’s room! He would love it.

  28. Kelly Jane November 26, 2015

    Number 15 – The candle holder – I would gift to my dear sister in law. She could pop it on the dining table at christmas lunch for us all to admire! Amazing giveaway!

  29. Alanah November 26, 2015

    How can you only pick one! I’ll have to pick no.1 the Kate and Kate Home blanket. Have heard so many great reports about their products. Due to have baby no 3 in Jan after a huge gap so would be very grateful. Good luck everyone

  30. Fowziya November 26, 2015

    1, 11 and 14 for my little nephew who just turned two months, yesterday. He’s the first baby in my life and I never knew how much joy he would bring into my life as well. I’d give him all the decor to set up his little room as well. 7, 12 and 16 for my tiniest and loveliest 5 year old cousin. She’s adorable and I love her to bits. I really want this for them.

  31. Michelle November 27, 2015

    The Candle holder for it’s sophisticated feel,
    monochrome would add to my homes appeal.
    Combined with my love of luscious greens,
    A more perfect setting I haven’t seen.

  32. Nicki J. November 27, 2015

    The #2 cushion for babies. It would be for my godson!

  33. Gaylin November 27, 2015

    I would be over the moon to win #2 ! Our son’s favorite activity to do currently is to grab a pillow and lay down to read his many books. This gorgeous pillow would be perfect for him to use while he reads.

  34. Natasha Andrews November 27, 2015

    I would pick number 8 for my good friend – she is an absolute STAR and has been such a help to me this year with my kids. I know she would love this starry paper bag for one of her beautiful pot plantsl

  35. Sherie November 27, 2015

    No. 3 | Whoa. I need that big mumma of a cushion, from Into the Fold, in my life so bad. To rest my weary bones from a hectic day raising two wild, small humans and trying to run my design business from home. Sometimes the best gift for my family is a well rested ‘sane’ mumma.

  36. Sherie November 27, 2015

    Oops! And by no. 3 I ACTUALLY MEAN NO. 2…. Gahhh See how tired I am. I truly need it.

  37. Kasia November 27, 2015

    I’ll go with no 17. My son’s favorite color and accessory 🙂 He loves dancing in the rain!

  38. sarah November 27, 2015

    I love no 14. Amazing blanket for my little boy Dante.

  39. Alex Caraban November 27, 2015

    I’m gonna go for the textile thingie for our new home and therefore my son’s new room. No 1 for his bed and no 2 for the reading nook is going to be so perfect.

  40. Linda November 27, 2015

    #1 for my daughter to cozy up with when she’s reading on the sofa.

  41. Courtney of Savor Good November 28, 2015

    would love any of the cushions for our home!! thank you for the giveaway!

  42. Becky B November 30, 2015

    Number 3 would make a wonderful first Christmas present to our gorgeous baby girl. It would look great on the wall in her room!

  43. Steve T November 30, 2015

    Number 18 looks really nice and would be great for our little girl to play on. It would go perfectly in her nursery.

  44. Mehnaz November 30, 2015

    I’d love no.7 for my little girl who loves taking Selfies and saying “smiiiiile”

  45. Aberlyn November 30, 2015

    I would love to win no. 9 for my best friend (who also happens to be my sister-in-law!) She adores danish design and I know that she’d love to display this calendar her home!

  46. Mel November 30, 2015

    I would love to win the beautiful and ornate no 15 which would be such a lovely addition to my grandmoms home as if has a rustic feel to it

  47. Djamel December 1, 2015

    No 17- what a beatiful pattern! Lovely christmas gift that would be for my Son!

  48. Djamel December 1, 2015

    No 14- what a cool blanket! Would be a great christmas present for my Son- thanks!

  49. Meg S December 1, 2015

    Would love Number 11 for my best friend’s baby!

  50. Sjoukje December 2, 2015

    No. 7 – for my little girl, almost two, who loves to take photo’s of everything. Even our plants, the cats and her doll need to say ‘cheese’ #inlove #happySinterklaas!

  51. carol clark December 3, 2015

    15 Candle Holder – Triangle, Black Matte i would like to give it to grandmaw because she is the best and it would be nice she loves candles and makes them so this would be such a happy thing for her to have

  52. Lisa Kimberly December 4, 2015

    I adore the camera and bow from Suussies! I would gift it to my boy/girl twins. Even though they’re only two months old right now, it’s never too early to introduce new hobbies, right? 🙂

  53. Jennifer December 4, 2015

    #16 – this tutu is perfect for my two year daughter who has been asking for “A twirling skirt mama!” She would love it!
    This gift package is fabulous… Merry Christmas!

  54. Saleha December 4, 2015

    It was not easy to decide as i love them all.. But i would really like to win no 3 for my daughters room.
    Thank you

  55. Kaya December 4, 2015

    Number 15 for my mum who has been nothing short of amazing to me and my family this year and who lost her own mum recently – she deserves something special and a little light in her life x

  56. LEANNE December 4, 2015

    No 4! Love Ferm living and these would be a perfect gift for my mother in law who does so much for us 🙂

  57. Justin December 4, 2015

    No 6. My wife loves COOEE design and the tree would be a nice stocking filler surprise.
    and No 2 for my little girls room would be an amazing present.

  58. emanuela December 4, 2015

    I’d love to win number 14 for my toddler’s room… we are going to buy him a “big boy” bed next year fingers crossed ! Greetings form Italy 😉 xox

  59. Mona Amin December 4, 2015

    Wow, i just found your blog! (thanks to Party Camel)

    I would love to win no.10 for my baby girl who just turned 1 on the 27th of Nov 2015. I am a sucker for small shops <3

    So happy to see that Dubai's community of small shops rising and seeing more and more cool unique products from all over.

  60. Narguess December 4, 2015

    Hi, thanks a lot for the game! I’d love to have number 17! Would be so nice in my daughter’s room… She’d love this beautiful print!

  61. Narguess December 4, 2015

    Hi! Just Left a comment but doesn’t seem to appear! So I try again: number 17 for my daughter please! I think she’d love the color and cute print!
    Thanks so much for the giveaways!

  62. […] a tad warm for Dubai, but Santa’s beard looks fantastic on me! Announcing the winners of the Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway must be the best way to start the week. We received many beautiful and sweet reactions on the blog, […]

  63. latanya November 26, 2016

    the , trendy blanket from Kate & Kate Home for my best friend

  64. Amaia November 29, 2016

    Number 10: because my 3 year old son is very keen on learning how to sew!

  65. julie December 2, 2016

    My sister loves candle holders so the candle holder would be perfect for her!


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