ikea-flabrik26461-copy-AFIy6i2SMT2TVesa4GjBUwYou might have noticed that we are quite big fans of Danish design brand HAY and IKEA from neighbouring country Sweden. Just last April we had the chance to visit their fantastic concept store at the Milan Design Week where we loved every product displayed.
In our room installations we often use their wall rings, like in the apartment, my boys room at home and in the Dreamy Metropolitan girls room

We love the simplicity of this brand in combination with beautiful materials and choice of color. HAY is worth investing in.

That is why we are very enthusiastic to hear that HAY will be launching new products in collaboration with IKEA. Their partnership was announced last week together with the unveiling of the by HAY redesigned iconic yellow and blue Ikea Frakta bag.

The product line, that will be introduced in 2017, will have a very Scandinavian feel using light materials and clean lines to complete an urban home of the 21st century. The line will include furniture, accessories, lighting, and textiles.

We are counting the days… Very exited for these two favorites to shake hands!ikea-flabrik26454-copy-K4v1R2ghYXbbokNv0eRvkQikea-flabrik26520-copy-qe-nPHUOj7S_XLW0MC8bqQ ikea-flabrik26430-copy-oWzur33cNyfLTWNqiFU_2Q

Photos by IKEA via Costume.dk


  1. Aimee June 15, 2016

    Great post! Can’t wait to see these products

  2. Stine Larsen June 28, 2016

    Love your blog but Hay isn’t a Swedish brand like IKEA – it’s pure Danish

  3. Stine Larsen June 28, 2016

    Sorry – I read it wrong – you did write a Danish design – sorry


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