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Our Guest on the blog today is artist and stylist Emilia Ilke from Stockholm. She shares her stunning home – which was originally a school in the 50’s – with partner Frekar and son Igor (2,5 years). We fell in love with her home on her Instagram account @emiliailke, yet getting to know her a bit better, we started to love her art, use of material and colors just as much. And as true fans, we are very happy to have her as our guest.

Live Loud Girl: Can you tell us something about your art, how you became an artist and your current work?

Emilia: I studied art in my early twenties but it took me 10 years until I dared to go all out. During this time I also started to assist different interior stylist and I found that my two passions – art and interiors – where possible to combine. Therefore my art is very much influenced by interior. But I aslo get lots of inspiration from photography, fashion and of course other artists.
I work in a very analogue way. Drawing, painting, cutting out shapes and moving everything around until each shape finds its place. I often work on ten compositions simultaneously.
Right now I have just finished 3 patterns for a woolen baby blanket and two prints for a Swedish fashion brand. Up next is a collection for creating a wallpaper. That’s a dream coming true!

Live Loud Girl: How would you describe your house?

Emilia: Tricky one. It is a clean and light base with high ceilings and big windows. My home is filled with plenty of art and flea market treasures from all over the world. My home is a place that, when it is tidied up perfectly, makes me very calm and happy.

Live Loud Girl: What is your favorite place in the house and why?

Emilia: Our open plan living room and kitchen. It’s such a cliche but it is really the heart of this apartment. The big windows give such beautiful natural light, I’m completely in love with them.

Live Loud Girl: What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Emilia: A big cosy vintage sofa that I haven’t bought yet…

Live Loud Girl: What is your favorite thing to do in the weekend?

Vintage shopping always! And hanging out with family and friends.
During the week I love to go to museums and exhibitions as it is less crowded, allowing me to really enjoy it. We also love to take the car to the cabin in the archipelago to take some time off from everything. Being by the sea get me in my true element.

Live Loud Girl: What is on your bucket list?

There are so many things from that list that have been ticked off this year so I have to sit down and update it. Yet an exhibition in a nice place abroad would be cool. And making big public art, like a bronze statue, with my shapes can be added on now.

Live Loud Girl: We always love the fashion of Scandinavian girls in the creative industry. Dare to share your go-to brands?

Emilia: I mostly wear Swedish design as Rodebjer, Hope and Acne. I would love to collaborate with all of them actually…
I enjoy visiting stores that mix fashion with interior like Aplace. The best shopping for children in Stockholm is obviously Betón and the new brand Façade that Petra (@minimockspetra) and Ulrika (@billie_and_i) just started. Such lovely clothes that I would love to wear myself.

Photo credits: Top image by Andy Liffner | image 1,3,4,6 by Ulrika Nihlén | image 2 and 5 by Andrea Papini |

Emilia Ilke - guest on the blog interior
Emilia Ilke guest on the blog things
Emilia Ilke guest on the blog together
Emilia Ilke - guest on the blog interior

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