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Maybe you have already seen it on my instagram: me and the boys are big fans of Mr. Thunderbolt.

Not that we like thunderstorms, I am referring to a our funky pillow from Frankie & Frenchie.

This cheeky new Australian brand offers a line of bed linen and pillow cases that is the perfect combination of crisp, monochrome and fun.
The designs are clean and simple and therefore easy to compliment any decor even if you have a feature wall like at my place.
Dog lovers and tiny super hero’s will love the zero to hero duvet cover and matching pillow. In Sam’s room we went for the duvet cover that makes us feel a bit closer to our home country with the playful Rain Drops duvet set.
There is more though. So make sure you check out the Frankie & Frenchie webshop not to miss out on their cute pillows and other duvet designs.
We’re happy to announce we are giving away a $30 voucher for the current collection.
If you would like to get your hands on one of these gorgeous home ware pieces please do the following:
1. Follow Frankie & Frenchie on instagram
2. Follow Live Loud girl on bloglovin and instagram

3. Tag your friends to share on instagram

4. Leave a comment below why you would like to win
Winner will be randomly selected and announced Wednesday March 11th.
Entries are worldwide. You can enter as many times as you like.
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