Hello sunny weekend! Hello little, big brother!
It is so nice to have visitors, especially when it’s family. My brother just arrived to spend the weekend with us. As Holland is grey and freezing at the moment, we are out to get him his shot of vitamin D and the boys are happy to tag along.

Uncle L. knows the drill and brought us lots of Dutch goodies. (I never dare to tell my family that some of them are available here in Dubai as for some reason they seem to taste better from back home).
Besides half a suitcase of edibles, he brought the boys a new outfit from Repose-AMS and Mini Rodini. Repose-AMS is a new brand from Amsterdam that I had spotted when visiting Playtime Paris last summer. All items are made of a beautiful durable quality and I love the simple design In-Yeo developed.

The timing could not be better with the Beach Canteen opening her doors again across the street. We will happily snack our way through the day together and enjoy the sun.

Happy weekend!

Grey-T shirt  Jack Repose-AMS | Short Jack Pop up shop net | Singlet Sam Mini Rodini

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  1. Aurélie Caumartin February 27, 2016

    Can I ask you where you got that beautiful Béni Ouarain rug?


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