Like every year, Pantone has launched her new colors again and we are happy to see a few very favorites in the pallet. While many are raving about it, the color of the year Greenery however literally needs to grow on us a bit. We don’t exactly know how we could use this alone or in combination with other colors. Using this color will definitely be a challenge we want to work on. On the other hand, we always have welcomed this color disguised in the shape and form of a plant with open arms into our home, in installations and on photoshoots. And with our addiction for banana palms, potted plants, green juices and macha lattes (well, only some of us…), we are sure we will use Greenery in some way very soon.

Looking at the total pallet, we can’t help to relate some favorites to projects we have worked on. Softer and more ‘earthy’ than the limey Greenery, Kale is easier to work with. A tone that we used on the walls of the HAY accessory market during the Dubai Design Week that we styled.
The blue Niagara reminds us of the color on the walls of our playroom at home which has been on our favorites list for years now. And the pink  Pale Dogwood, especially in combination with the green was one of the key trends we spotted on the Milan Design Week last year.

With this color challenge in front of us, we are very curious to hear what you think about Greenery and her colors in crime. Which colors win your vote? Are you on #teamkale or on #teamgreenery?

We would love to hear from you and other creatives about this new trend, after all, it’s Pantone’s choice and who are we to argue with that?

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