Do you want to see me and the team getting really excited? That is when we see Collaborative shoot appearing on the agenda.
A collaborative shoot is initiated and executed by us. We are the client as well as the stylist. It gives us a chance to work with products we have adored for a long time or that we just recently fell in love with.
Over time we collect these treasures until we have a perfect mix. And then we create a setting, hoping it will look as good as it does in our head.

The Creative Lab Leopard wall paper  by Urban Nest is such a fun foundation to start with. It is versatile for a vibrant kids room or a cute nursery. The warm and rich colors go with almost anything. Pink, yellow, beige or green, name it! You can basically go in any direction once this is on the wall.

We chose for a children’s room collaborative themed shoot as this gave us a chance to work with the Krethaus Nido bed again. Remember it from our shoot last year? What a beauty so we happily rolled her in again.
This time for the bedding we chose combo of La Cerise Sur Le Gateau grid layered with a subtle grey color in a beautiful linen by Garbo & Friends. This combines with almost anything, girls or boys, and is great if you are looking for something that kids will not grow out of.

You might know we have quite a thing for cane. So this HK Living cabinet was high on our list for months. Again, this is a great storage space for kids rooms or cabinet for a living room. It is an item that will always have a place in your home.

As if the leopards of the wall paper were not enough, we could not resist bringing in the Ferm Living leopard rug. Contrasting in color and therefore a great find for this setting.
Like with the cane, adding textured items can transform a place from flat and plain to rich and full. Playing around with different textures will make your room come alive.

For accessorizing we had to go with our OH OK limited addition Zoe Rumeau lights. This one is  especially for Live Loud Girl’s 5th birthday and sums up our way of working. So we obviously can’t get enough of it. Do you think layering the bold wall paper with these lights too much? We love it!

A new item on the list is this Ila y Ela Lion. A handcrafted item that we came across during Playtime Paris and we are so happy to be able to add it to this setting. By topping it off with the raffia fish by Anne Claire Petit this setting unintentionally became a bit of a safari like zoo.

Doing a collaborative schoot with these beautiful and unique products is for us a way to show our signature look. It is collecting, designing and styling without restrictions, letting our creativity go wild.

Do you feel inspired?  Great news! Stay tuned on our Instagram and Instagram Stories for more of our projects and inspiration.


  1. Jacqui April 22, 2019

    Hello! Could you please tell me where the navy sheet and olive pillowcase are from? Literally copying this gorgeous setting! It’s divine

    • Live Loud Girl May 14, 2019

      Hi Jacqui, good to hear that you are loving this set up. The blue bedding and pillow case is from La Cerise sur le Gateau. They have gorgeous bedding so be sure to check it out. Tag us on instagram to show the result! Good luck! xx

  2. Alessia Civettini April 24, 2019

    Gorgeous! This is a great idea for a kid`s room that could work well for boys, girls and older demanding teenagers. We are fan of FermLiving and Krethaus and the kids wallpaper you have chosen is simply beautiful! The cane cabinet is an elegant touch. Well done

    • Live Loud Girl May 14, 2019

      Hi Alessia, Thanks so much for your comment. Good to hear you share the love for the same brands as us. Stay tuned for more! xx

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