summer moodboad studio bibi rainy days cloudy skiesSummer inspiration time!

Summer is a season that is all about fun, friends, vacation and being outdoors. For us that is an excellent period to invite others to share their summer inspiration on the blog.
For those of you that live or vacation in Holland know that summers are not necessarily always tropical. Cloudy skies and rainy days can be just as much fun, especially if you have just arrived from Dubai.
Our Instafriend Studio Bibi shares her musthaves for this holiday with us. Some cute items are from her new shop so be sure to check it out!

1. Lucky Boy Sunday – Pale Nulle | 2. Studio Bibi – White Swan | 3. Lamp pineapple | 4. Miniwilla – Baby Blanket | 5. Miniwilla – Hello Poster | 6. Eeflillemor – Sunshine poster |  7. Noodoll – Cloud Black

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