As the days get shorter and the winter break gets closer, we are working on many lists. Lists from the kids to Santa, lists of gifts to bring home when we visit the family and our regular to-do lists of work related items.

All of these lists have one thing in common and that is that they are about cozy encounters, family time and delicate decorations. Although we have had a Xmas tree before, this year we are keeping it simple and sweet. Green is the theme yet there are so many different ways to bring some lush leaves inside.

To create the magical winter atmosphere this year, we have used lots of lights. Fairy lights and also real candles, nothing can beat those.
In terms of green we have chosen for a few traditional branches and some eucalyptus which has gorgeous long leaves and a beautiful smell.

For the candles we have used the AJ Vintage ABC numbers mini cups from Design Letters. After the holidays these will be used for my espresso or maybe a small plant. They are so versatile and always find a place in my home.

We will be taking a small break to enjoy the kids, family, some fresh air and some Dutch traditional food and we’ll be back in the new year. As we have serious difficulties logging off, you can still follow us on Instagram and our stories to get some inspiration from back home. And then let’s start the new year together fresh and revived!

Pants Jack Mingokids | Sam T-shirt Tiny Cottons | Cloud Inkibabinki | Bulb Lights The Bowery Company | Rug Rozenkelim


  1. susan December 29, 2016

    I love your website and am wondering where you got your son’s t-shirt, the black long sleeved one with the moon face on it? It’s brilliant.


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