We love it when we walk out of one of our rooms, leaving behind a happy kid. A seven year old boy this time who was very content with his new place to sleep.

However, it does require time, inspiration, many trips to many different shops and plenty of online shopping before we reach that stage. We just want to take you back to show how we get from moodboard to final room.

Once we have met the little dweller and have seen the room, we often immediately have an idea of what we want to do. In this case, we wanted to work on something solid with touches of nature with a wild edge. This space is a young boys domain, and it will need to stay cool for the coming years.
The moodboard that we put together based on our thoughts will give the client a good idea of our ideas, giving insight in colors, patterns and textures. Visualising the finished room is sometimes hard and the mood board is there to help understand the total picture.

Once the client is completely happy with this and with the products that we all carefully select, we will turn into professional (online) shoppers at the Live Loud Girl Head Quarters. We source products from near and very, very far as we love bringing in imaginative and dazzling elements of creative minds together in one space.

After everything has arrived and our office looks like an interior deco store, we will do what we love best and make some magic happen. We are proud of our method and dedicated on preparing the project well so that the actual installation is quick and clean. We will ensure on creating the space that the client wants, and even a little bit more than that.

Now back to the first and most important paragraph. This is where the boy walks in and smiles. A great compliment from a seven year old. He loves his roaring room, and so do we.Slide3

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