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Moving house – not exactly the most stress free activity if you ask me.
It is the opportunity to make a fresh new start and I happen to love those.
It is a great opportunity to declutter and reinvent your furniture. With little touches you can create a whole different vibe.

In my new home I dream of to bringing some more green inside. The lack of greenery outside will be compensated this time around. Some luscious leaves in combination with light wood, white and maybe even some color will probably look great, keeping it simple and scruffy, something I loved seeing during my holidays in the south of France and the Netherlands.

I have totally fallen in love as well with the images of the artwall. Living in a rental home ask for not to much drilling and some creativity!

Feel free to dream along with these five images that I use for my inspiration.  Would like to see more, have a look at our Pinterest boards.

Image sources: 1. Ollie and Sebs haus | 2. Residence magazine | 3. Bloesem blogs | 4. Hanna inspo | 5. Beeldsteil

5 inspiring homie details


5 inspiring homie details


5 inspiring homie details


5 inspiring homie details



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