We admire so many creative entrepreneurs. Therefore we love to invite them as a Guest on the Blog and are always very honored if they make the time for it. We ask them questions about their business, their inspiration and their home. Not only to inspire you, also to give you an insight in what’s behind that endless scroll of beautifully curated photos on their account: a lot of hard work.
An account that is always on the list to check when we are in need of inspiration ourselves is @woodchuck. We have been fans since they started three years ago. And now that I am in the furniture business myself, I can admire their craftsmanship even more.
Woodchuck combines design with functionality. Their aesthetic is clean, minimal yet warm. Not only do we love their beautiful furniture, the photography of their home and installations is just magical.

Starting the business

Tinta lives with her husband Rutger and their daugher Diewertje in Monster. This small town on the coast of The Netherlands, just under The Hague, is where they have their beautiful home that we know so well from their feed.
From an early age Tinta loves to create and Rutger loves woodwork.
“In the train on their way to Paris we came up with our first product, the AKI. We invested all of our savings in making this product and in 2017 started the company Woodchuck and it’s webshop.”
The company soon grew to be a what it is today: A furniture and interior design studio. Tinta and Rutger now remodel entire homes with their stunning designs.
“Working together just happened. Everybody warned us not to do it. But in our case it actually worked out for the better as we both do what we love and get to spend more time together.”
The Woodchuck days are filled with running the webshop, designing interiors and furniture and spending time together as a family.


“Daily life inspires me the most. There is so much material out there to be inspired by that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore it is important to have a focus” says Tinta. Traveling and reading are at the top of the list though. They share a special love for Japan which can be connected to the names of the furniture they create.

Styling your home

When we ask Tinta’s advice on styling your home she says: “Stay close to yourself and don’t follow too many trends. Don’t copy others, as keep in mind that your home should feel like your own, not somebody else’s.” 
In her home we find lots of wood and natural materials. Her favorite piece of furniture is the dining table, because so much happens at this table. It’s always full with crafting materials. Also her Pastoe chair is very special. And last but not least, their lovely bed.

Tinta’s favorite go-to’s

The Fine Store, Pantoufle Design, Een Stilleven for design.
There are a lot of small businesses Tinta finds inspiring that she connects with through Instagram.
“I love to go to PLSTK café, which is located in the dunes in Hoek van Holland. It’s the best place to unwind and enjoy a great cup of coffee!”


We are all spending much more time at home than we would normally do (and want). Yet in this whole ‘making the most of our house-arrest’ situation, we decided to spread some interior inspiration with quick home updates. We are not talking about big make overs that require us to go out to the shops of course. We mean some easy alterations with things we either already have at home or that we can order online. And the latter ties in with our shout out to all small businesses out there that can really use a boost right now.


In our job as stylists, we work with a lot of small businesses. Always have, always will. This goes for both big projects and for changes at home. Most of them are found very close to us: on Instagram and will either reach out via a DM, or visit their webshop to get our hands on newly discovered and incredible home ware that is made with love.

A quick update in my own master bedroom was done in 5 minutes. It was just a matter of changing a few things like the bedside table. The extra cover on the bed (oh, we could go on and on about bedding) is an old set and the through is actually a singel duvet cover from the boys that I bought from Smallable (a treasure chest filled with small businesses). Adding art work is one of the easiest ways of changing the vibe of a space. We love working with the very talented Maaike from My Deer artshop. They always have a beautiful collection that can be used anywhere in the house.

Give away time

Because we love bringing in new art work, we are very happy to announce a give away with My Deer artshop on Instagram soon. Check out our account and stories to get the chance to win one of the three €60 vouchers!!

We hope you will have the time now for those areas in the house that ‘you never had the time for’.
Our three tips:
1. If you need something new, support a small business
2. Shop around the house for furniture
3. Add some beautiful art work as a finishing touch

Need inspiration? Check out our portfolio or tap on our Instagram pics to discover our suppliers.

Happy house arresting!


There used to be one corner in the kitchen that you would never see on my blog or Instagram account. Not a messy closet or an unorganised office, but the kitchen corner with our water dispenser.
As we can’t drink from the tap here yet do take hydration very serious, that 20 liter water bottle was just a part of our day to day life.
For boiling water we used an old fashioned kettle. Not an eye sore perse, yet a kettle that I would always put in the kitchen cabinet after use.
So for me, as a stylist and a clean countertop activist, the Quooker is one of those items from my kitchen dreams

Quooker has it all

We have known the Quooker tap for a long time as it is a Dutch invention. Only recently, it became available in our region and I decided to jump on it. Because this tap has so many benefits. No more heavy water bottles to cary in, no more chemicals in the water, no more waiting for the kettle to boil, no more chilling of water. This tap has it all!
And besides that, the black tap I chose is an absolute stunner.

The installation was quick and easy. The beauty of this system is that everything is installed in the cabinet under the sink. With this tap rocking the counter now, I am able to get filtered water, boiling water, and, as a total bonus for myself, sparkling water straight from the tap. All in the exact amount I need it in, at any given time.

Worth the investment

As you might know, we live in a rental home. But because it is so easy to instal, remove and re-instal, we will be able to take this baby with us to what ever new home we will be moving to in the future.

This Quooker has changed the way I start the day with my morning routine. It has made quick pasta dinners so much faster, feeding the kids in under 10 minutes (an essential when having active boys I have learned). And it has increased the amount we drink.
The incredible esthetics and clean counter top makes this tap one of my favorite items in the house now.

The video

drink from the tap


New room Sam

For nearly a decade, my boys have been sharing a room. At first it was a necessity as our New York apartment where we lived when Sam was born was tiny. When we arrived in Dubai, they started in separate rooms. But when I invested in the Oeuf NYC bunk bed (which had been on my personal wish list for a long time) the boys happily chose their obvious bunk. Jack up – Sam down. They loved being together in the mornings and evenings and I can tell you, it made the bedtime routine easy for me.

Now, almost 10 years down the line, my boys want their own room. And I fully understand. Although I am having some emotional moments realising that they are growing up, I am secretly very happy with a new project in the house. It’s been a while since I got my hands dirty on my own turf. Besides that I am very excited about working with some new brands and products in this make over. Bye bye guest room, hello Sam’s new room.

Bye bye guest room

The guest room was kept very basic. So we did need to work with a few make-over essentials. The first one being a beautiful wall paper. The water color grey from Photowall seems like a choice that Sam (almost a teen now) will enjoy for the coming years. We always want to create a space that kids grow into, not out of.

Storage is a fundamental element in any space we design. If you are, like us, happy to keep toys, stationary and homework behind closed doors, we recommend bringing in some kind of cabinet. Where in the shared room we used a vintage dresser, now I wanted to use one of my own babies. Fronteriors offers doors, sides and tops for IKEA cabinets. The beige slated door is one of the more recent collection and I added it to a BESTA unit that we hung on the wall.

This room will still be for family and friends when they come to visit. Therefore Sam will be enjoying this spacious double bed. Yet to make it his (opposed to the white bedding that I normally use for guests) we chose for a greyish green linen set complemented with a mix and match cushion covers from Alex & Alexa. A new find is the oak bed side table which suddenly made it a boys room.

Shop around the house

For this make-over, I wanted to work with furniture that we have in the house. Mostly, shopping around your own house will give you plenty of options. I brought in the &tradition lounger from my bedroom. I feels like a good match in terms of color and materials and makes a perfect reading corner for those slow starts on the weekend.

Art work is always an essential for me. Not only because there are so mant creatives out there making stunning prints, it’s also the best way to change the vibe of a room. For Sam I chose two prints that I found on my recent trip to Stockholm. The art from Facade Apt bring in some stunning color.

Get your essentials right

For now I have a happy son, and hopefully happy guests at some point. And let’s not forget that I had fun taking on this project. It demonstrates once again that make overs are easier then often thought. If you have the right essentials (a statement wall, storage, bedding and artwork), you can pull of any project in no time. Go for it!

sams new room
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