LiveLoudGirl140316_0030 We have often mentioned how we love to start a design with a white canvas.
Well, our latest project was just that. A completely new home for a family with three girls and these little ladies will be sharing a room. We could not wait to get started!

We went in to create a white, wood and whimsical wonderland with a serious dose of pink.
The color and materials of the wooden floor created a beautiful combination with the exposed Jotun brick wall that we have worked with before, only this time in pink!

The two elder girls will be on one side of the room. Their queen size beds are both accompanied by a Kalon Studio stump with a retro mushroom night light. An eye catcher on this side are definitely the neon angel wings. What girl (big or little) would not want these in the room.
For the bed linen we went for simple white basics in combination with something a bit more edgy, selecting different elements from Noe & Zoe and Camomile London. A combination of colors and patterns makes it playful an fresh.

Opposite of this all is the domain of the youngest resident.
The pink of the brick wall is repeated on the bottom half the wall. The rugged finish gives it a lively feel, really creating a room within a room. The white Sebra cot is complemented by a monochrome Roxy Marj heirloom lion blanket. And just as her big sisters, this girl has her own wooden stump as bedside table for her golden bunny light. As you can never have enough bunnies, we chose for a few more for on the wall.

For storage we went for a combination of baskets, bags and a chest that we gave a white wash look. The mix of Studio Snowpuppe lamps in the middle of the room bring in a burst of color that goes really well with the posters from Seven Tree and Pax and Hart.

We hope you’re inspired! Please if you are, tag your room inspiration on Instagram with #liveloudgirllove. We would are looking forward to see your pictures.

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  4. polin October 23, 2016

    las habitaciones de las niñas son detestables… cursis y espantosas con tanto rosita

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  7. Leslie June 20, 2017

    where did you get the hot pink chair? The one next to the dresser.



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