&tradition in the kitchen - making coffee

It’s almost been a year since we moved into our newly renovated home. A rental home once again. Yet this time around we were fortunate to be involved of the renovation, making this house the best one yet. And with bringing in some long longed for &tradition furniture has been the cherry on my kitchen.

We have been &tradition admirers from the start. This Danish design company, who only started in 2010, reworks design icons from past masters and creates tomorrow’s classics in collaboration with contemporary designers. This true Scandinavian design combines function, comfort and beauty into timeless pieces.

My new &tradition barstools

When we were designing the kitchen, I did it with these in between &tradition barstools in mind. The classic form, the craftsmanship and harder black color is a beautiful contrast with the neutrals of my sleek kitchen. Besides it looking incredible, it will also allow people to sit at the kitchen island to create a place where we chat, eat and laugh together. As a matter of fact, this kitchen is now the place where the kids and guests are automatically drawn to.

My &tradition lighting

Lighting is such an important topic in interior styling. Natural light is at the top of the list. However, it is often not enough. Bringing in a beautiful fixture is great way to add light to your counter top and show off your style.
These Mass Lights are simple and bold. We are suckers for anything marble. So these pendants which give light all around are the perfect solution for this space.

Investing in your home pays off, even if it is a rental. Whilst it sometimes seems crazy to put time, effort and money into a place which is not your own, this is our ‘home’ after all, right? So don’t be shy of bringing in your long time favorite furniture to make your house feel like your home.

&tradition lights in my kitchen
&tradition barstool in the kitchen
&tradition in my kitchen
Sitting in the kitchen with &tradition

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