We still need to get used to the idea of Xmas in the sun. Living in the Middle East means that our winter months are warm so we spend most of our Xmas holiday on the beach and in the water.
Yet we love getting into the spirit by putting up lights, greenery and having lots of good food. And our annual festive season #LiveLoudGirlXmasGiveAway gets us into the right mood too.

We have partnered up again with some of our incredible partners this year. Brands that we have worked with on residential projects, photoshoots and used in our own homes and strongly believe in. They have been so supportive over the years and since it is that time of year, we want to share the love with our dear followers.

The give away will be on Instagram and will focus on one gift a day. Below you can see the line up. So play along to score a gift for yourself or a loved one and tag friends to let them join in the fun too. Best of luck to all of you!

We look forward to some quality time with our families and taking it easy for a few weeks. Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to see what we are up to.

Our Xmas Give Away Calendar – in random order:

A Rozenkelim rug voucher worth € 300.
We have used their rugs this year in the shared boys room and the teenage girls room.  Rozenkelim offers a huge range of Kelims, Berbers and patchwork rugs and has been one of our go-to addresses over the last few years.

Two sets of Ekaterina Galera ball lights worth € 75 a set. These paper lights are one of our most recent discoveries by the incredibly creative French Ekaterina. We installed the balloon lights for the first time in our collaborative shoot and have used them in installations since. These lights give such a beautiful effect.

A Mingo Kids clothing voucher worth € 150.
We love good and high quality basics and Mingo Kids offers a great range of items that can all be worn together. You must have seen our family in their stripy shirts before.

An Alex & Alexa voucher worth £ 150.
This online shop has a broad selection of funky brands. You might have seen some of our favorites from this shop over the years. We happen to love their Home Decor items as well and use them various times in installations.

A Nofred Mouse bench worth € 295.
We have the mouse chair at home and this gorgeous mouse bench has been on our wish list for a long time. What an amazing piece of furniture for a kids room or a hallway? Where would you like it?

A Womom t-shirt worth €49.
Our whole team are big fans of nice T’s and the Womon shirts are made from beautiful thick cotton with funky prints. A good t-shirt goes with anything. Dress it up, dress it down… this is a good gift for yourself!

Styling and photography by Live Loud Girl – Thanks sweet Live Loud Girl kids for the great help and modelling





When one of our favorite designers from back home collaborates with one of our go-to shops for our projects, it’s NEWS!

IKEA and Piet Hein Eek have worked together on their Industriell collection that makes unique design affordable. Design pieces like these allow everyone to make a personal statement in their interior.

Piet Hein Eek is known for his original designs and surprising use of materials. His scrap wood creations, craftsmanship and respect for sustainable materials made him immensely popular.

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My home is always constant state of change. When I see a product I love, I will make sure there is a place for it, even if this means rearranging the whole house. Don’t be put off though, most of the time it is easy and always rewarding. It’s just a matter of letting colors compliment each other and mixing in the new in with the old(er).

We got our hands on some beautiful blankets from the latest Kate & Kate Home collection.
The Picnic Stripe is made from one of nature’s most luxurious fibres. This pure Alpaca blanket is incredibly soft. We love the green and navy combination, making it an item that parents might just keep for themselves.

The 100% cotton knitted Harlequin classic is in one of our favorite color combinations, blush and green. This magic duo has been on trend for a long time now and is not going anywhere just yet. It is the perfect blanket for summer babies or in our case, for cool airconditioned evenings.
Both beauties are designed in Australia as part of the Arent&Pyke range for for Kate & Kate Home, and now a very pretty part of my interior.

The blankets bring a pop of color into my living room where I have decided to hang the Lappalainen mobile. This elegant accessory starred in our collaborative shoot and we just can’t get enough of this delicate design.

This time around there was very little shuffling. With a few small touches a serene corner was created. Al it requires is a big coffee, a magazine and some feet put up. Mine preferably…



You might have seen it in some of our posts before as the Live Loud boys love to use them. Rain or (too much) shine, home or holiday, regular Tuesday or special celebration, they are great entertainment for the whole family.
Are you wondering what we are going on about?
We are raving about OMY, the clever coloring products designed by two French ladies and brought to the Middle East by two others. And for the first time in our career, we feel so passionate about a brand that we have taken the honors to become their brand ambassador to help build the brand in the region.

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