I know we are not the only ones out there with a stationary fetish. Although we do nearly everything digitally, we often nostalgically look back on the days when we were still carrying around an agenda and a note book. And since those moments are rare, we want it to be gorgeous.

We came across the Swedish design brand Mini Empire. With a range of some beautifully illustrated paper ware, they made our heart skip a beat. Their products are very refined, detailed yet with a humorous and edgy feel so that they work for styling nurseries, kids rooms and for the adults too.
Lucky for all of us they do more then paper ware alone. Mini Empire features a range of playful toys, quirky textile and funky kitchen ware.

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You might have seen it in some of our posts before as the Live Loud boys love to use them. Rain or (too much) shine, home or holiday, regular Tuesday or special celebration, they are great entertainment for the whole family.
Are you wondering what we are going on about?
We are raving about OMY, the clever coloring products designed by two French ladies and brought to the Middle East by two others. And for the first time in our career, we feel so passionate about a brand that we have taken the honors to become their brand ambassador to help build the brand in the region.

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We’re on a roll to celebrate Live Loud girls 1st birthday! Another one you want to win.

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that me and my boys are a huge fan of the beautifully designed toys of Flatout Frankie. The 100% recyclable cardboard toys encourage kids to be creative and makes sure to put a smile on those little faces. Flatout Frankie has created a range of products which are not only fun to play with but also a musthave in the design of every kidsroom. What do you want more? I’m delighted to announce we can giveaway the Little Racer. Hop in and hold on!

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