Is there anything better than being on a holiday whilst staying in your own house? Being somewhere else yet sleeping in your own bed? Enjoying another country but sitting on the sofa you love?
When you have your own holiday home, I can tell you, you get the best of both worlds.

We finished the renovations of a small holiday home on the Dutch coast at the beginning of the year. The idea behind it is that it’s the place we stay at when visiting friends and family back home. Because there is only so much of suitcase living and sleeper couch sleeping you want to do on your well deserved holiday. Especially as a family of four.
So it is truly our home away from home and we wanted to give it that final finishing touch now that we had the chance to be there.

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The summer in Dubai is a hot one. Luckily, as the kids have finished school now, we can pick up our things and go. The Live Loud Girl team will be spread out over the globe enjoying some cooler temperatures and some time off with family and friends.

So for the next few weeks there will be no office mornings, no room installations and no photo shoots, yet the blog will be active as ever. 

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