Ready, set, action!
We were so excited and honored to do our first styling job of a video shoot. We were asked to take care of the styling  for the setting of the online campagne for the launch of Jotun’s Wonderwall and Royal Velvet paint range starring beauty blogger @raniafawazz.

Jotun is a brand that we often work with (and for). Yet this being a video shoot did make things a bit more thrilling then usual. For weeks our mind was set on getting the perfect items and props together.

The set was in an empty villa somewhere in Dubai where we were asked to style four rooms. With the Jotun Brand in the back of our heads, we strived to create a setting that was a good mix between their Nordic style and our Live Loud signature. A warm and structured wall combined with some beautiful furniture and accessories became the backdrop for the model.

If you would like to see the end result (we know you just can’t wait…) take a look at the short videos on Fenomastic Wonderwall Khajal, Color Senses,  and Ash Grey Royal Velvet and the complete video to get a better look at these beautiful paints and our styling work.

Products in the shoot | Sofa, golden tray and grey lamp Kaiser |  | Bedding, light bulb and tea lights  The Den | Clothes & Shoes So Chic | Rug Maison Saadah | Pink and Palm leaf poster The Poster Club | Chair, ball vase and marble tray The Bowery Company | Marble table Rolf Benz

Images Jotun | Styling Live Loud Girl



Every now and then we want to take the house and shake it like a snow globe. When it is time for a change, we wil start shaking and hope that everything falls into a nice place. We get very exited about change and often take the opportunity to see how we can welcome in a new season or vibe by shopping in every room of the house. 

Playing around with furniture and accessories will often let you realize how multi functional most items are and therefore allow you to style them in various ways. 

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Working with Pax and Hart is a dream job. We have been a fan of her work since forever. We have used her art in our own homes, in photo shoots and interior styling projects as they are so versatile and funky.
Last year we had the chance to actually work for this talented lady from Down Under. We were asked to create a concept and style the photoshoot of her new prints that she wanted to present in a homey environment with a vintage yet playful feel.

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On January 26th 2014, Linda decided that she would not let any non-existing knowledge about blogging get in her way of sharing styling inspiration and her love for design.
Today, three years down the line, we are happy that Linda posted that first blog post (which makes us cringe a bit). In fact, today Live Loud Girl consists of over 230 blog posts and 2283 Instagram posts starring numerous beautiful projects that make us proud.
That first post brought Live Loud Girl to where we are today.

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