Visiting the Stockholm Design Week has been one of the highlights of 2020. And I can say that even though the year is just started.
Being a Scandinavian design enthusiast, it was incredible to be in a part of the world where so many of my favorite designs come from. And I am not only talking about interiors. This also goes for fashion, styling and a new found interest: the Scandinavian food.
Now that the stardust of my Nordic adventure is settling, I finally have the time to share the trends I found most stunning and memorable.

We all know that the Scandinavians have an incredible talent for styling. So at the fair we were like kids in a candy store. Every installation was eye-catching due to the Scandinavian signature ton-på-ton (look it up).
My very favorites were String Furniture and New Works. Those stands were both styled by one of our favorite Design Studio’s: Lotta Agaton Interiors.
Overall we noticed lots of soft, nature-inspired shades giving the whole fair a refined look that we know so well from this part of the world.

The trends that caught our eye were not fully expected. Although the catwalk will sometimes give us a heads up on upcoming trends, we were a bit surprised by some. We do believe that you will be seeing more of this the coming year. If not with someone else, then definitely with us as we would love to explore working with these materials, lines and tones.

Trend 1: Heavy Texture

Although it is hard to say goodbye to our beloved velvet, we do feel that this trend is on it’s way out. But not to worry. We will be getting something nice in return: heavy and textured materials like Bouclé.
This is a resurfacing trend from the 70’s and 80’s which gives furniture – but also fashion – a whole new dimension. Bouclé is hot, especially for loungers and sofa’s.
Bringing texture into a room can transform a place from flat and plain to rich and full. It makes a space come alive.

Trend 2: Curvy, Slouchy and Organic lines

Even though we know Scandinavian design to be all about clean lines and a minimalistic style, things are changing. We are seeing organic shapes, curvy and slouchy furniture and softer silhouettes. We are loving this direction both for home decor and fashion. Doesn’t it feel like one big hug?

Trend 3: The color pallet of browns

When colors are given the names of some of our favorite foods, we just have to get on board. Hazel, Walnut, Cinnamon and Dark Chocolate were only a few of the tones tat stood out during the Design Week. Everywhere we saw beautiful dark woods giving us a strong connection to nature. Browns combine beautifully together, or with other neutral tones.

PS remember the trends from Milan from last year? Pastels are also still around so don’t toss out that baby blue coat just yet…

Top photo | The Sculptors Residence – a collaboration between Norm Architects | Dux Nordic | Menu | Pic by Trendgruppen PR
Trend 1: New works chair | &tradition chair | Woodio Design sink |Jeanette Madsen | Boucle fabric | New works sofa | Boucle throw | Skims loungewear |
Trend 2: Artillerriet lounge chair | Muuto vase | Jeanette Madsen | Ferm Living vase | Atbo furniture chair | Swedese side table | Urban Outfitters sofa | Linda Tol |
Trend 3: Brown on brown fashion | Wooden table | Arabesk armchair | String Furniture shelves | Coffee tables | Summer School Shop mugs | Styling at String Furniture |


What an inspirational week! Dubai Design Week is a wrap, but we are already looking forward to next year.

There was so much going on throughout the city in the last week of October and we tried our best to take in as much as possible.
Our kick of was pretty easy since it was visiting one of our favorite designer stores. Comptoir 102 held the exhibition Nature in the City in collaboration with three artists. The set up was totally in line with our obsession of bringing green inside.

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Posterclub4Wall inspiration update!

Artist Silke Bonde created two beautiful prints exclusively for The Poster Club.
Although this shop is based in Copenhagen, they ship worldwide. Good news for all poster people out there who would love some Nordic nature inspired water color art on their wall! A great piece of art to put on your wall.

You’ll find more about the gorgeous collection of The Poster Club here.

Posterclub5 Posterclub6 Posterclub3 Posterclub2Posterclub



IKEA NIPPRIG collectionIt’s no secret that we’re fond of the blue and yellow Swedish friend. Therefore it is good news that they have just launched a new line.
The IKEA NIPPRIG collection is created from all natural materials like water hyacinth, coconut and bamboo and hand made in Vietnam and Indonesia.

A very versatile line that can bring some very affordable style into your home.
For long summer evenings, you can easily create a cosy outdoor space by combining the armchair with some pillows or bring some natural materials into the house with the simple, yet stunning baskets lights

Keep in mind that the NIPPRIG line is a limited edition. So start browsing now!

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