I finally got the time to show you our new home! The last boxes are unpacked! We have officially settled in our new house.
A rental home that feels less of a temporary place due to the fact that we were able to have a say in a lot of the finishes. So after years of ugly rental tiles we could not be more happy with our marble floor up stairs, upstairs our white Kahrs Ash Blizzard wooden floor, grey custom made storage cupboards and a rain shower to name a few.

Our grim kitchen (there is a reason why you have never seen that in any of my posts) is now a beautiful open space. Mind you, it is still a rental… my dream home looks different to this one… Yet I must say, we are very happy here for now.

The living room is different to what we had. On my wishlist was a family couch. The new beautiful, big and comfortable IKEA sofa is now a key piece in this space, upgraded with a custom Bemz cover. The linen color I chose was a bit out my comfort zone, not being white or grey,  yet in combination with the white marble, makes it one of the best spots in the house now. On the wish list still, a grey or beige toned rug.

Having an open kitchen is something I have always wanted. It is perfect for entertaining and it allows us to hang out together in the mornings and evenings when food is being prepared. You might recognize the HAY ring?

The boys room is a bit smaller then before. Even so, I have painted the entire room in a teal blue Jotun Fusion. The perception with painting all four walls in a darker tone is often that it makes the room look smaller. Yet the effect is amazing, it makes it warm and cosy. Next to their Oeuf NYC bunk bed and Byron Bay Daybed daybed I even managed to squeeze our antique cabinet in (that was previously in the playroom) for their toys.

Although I am always a big fan of white walls, for the master bedroom I fell for the Soothing Beige that I got aquatinted with at the Jotun Color Launch in Copenhagen. It is such a soft and subtle tone that makes our bedroom intimate and warm. With white wooden Kahrs floors it is easier to go for a beige tone on the wall. The ugly tiles always kept me from trying these beige tones.

Even though we never know how many years we will be living in one place, it is worth to invest. Painting a wall, putting down a new floor, adding some greenery and re-using your furniture in different places makes an unpersonal rental house your home.

Plants The Dubai Garden Centre | Light Bedroom &Tradition | Floor  Ash Blizzard Kahrs | Bed Linen Cerise sur le Gateau 

Photography Natelee Cocks





Originals. The real deal. A statement piece. That is what sums up design for us.

Investing in design is something most people don’t do overnight. It is is a process.
You might fall in love with a piece of design furniture when you are young and save up for it to finally call it your own many years after your first encounter. Or maybe you inherit a statement piece from a family member because you were always eying it. Whatever the story is, it is about surrounding yourself with furniture that you will love for the rest of your life.

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In my Instagram you might have seen that the hashtags #Movethatbus  #RentalHeaven and #Getridofuglytiles is still going strong. We have moved into our new rental house that luckily feels more like our own home then any of our previous houses. This time around we had the chance to decide on most of the finishes. Finishes that, to me make a big difference in how I feel about my home. Where rental houses often make it necessary to turn a blind eye towards ugly tiles, a hideous kitchen or an unidentifiable color on the wall, this house is the best one yet! A wooden floor (yeah!), a marble counter top (hurray!, grey simple kitchen cabinets and walls on which we can choose our on color (yessss!) make me so happy! For the first time, this is a place that I want to show off and trust me, I will!

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Am I excited? Probably the understatement of the year! I am beaming with happiness to have the opportunity to completely renovate our new rental home . Thank you very much new landlord.

As we close one door and will be openening another, I will be sharing the journey of the renovations and move into our new home with you on the blog and Instagram

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